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Legal adress in Tallinn

Our mainly service is a virtual office. If your company is not physically located in Estonia, it is possibility to get an address in Estonia through Thompson&Stein.

Our office is located in Tallin, Lõõtsa tn 5 11415. It is 10 minutes walk from the city center. Ulemiste City is a kind of a Smart City. It is a modern district located in the immediate vicinity of Tallin Airport. You can find here a lot of companies, especially IT and start-up companies. In Ulemiste City is also entrepreneurship incubator. Moreover, there are offices, cafes and a park.  This area includes 36 hectares territory. It is the largest Smart City in the Baltics.

Lõõtsa tn 5, 11415 Tallinn, Estonia

Authorized contact person

Estonia’s amended Commercial Code comes into force from 15 January 2018.

Estonian companies do still need an address in Estonia though and the changes also include new rules on the need to provide a local contact person too. Previously, only companies with boards outside the European Economic Area needed a contact person.

So your contact person is simply someone who will receive procedural documents on behalf of your company.

We offer this service only with Legal Adress.

Estonian phone number

We offer service of telephone exchange with redirection. It is call redirecting from an Estonian local number to number, which you choose.

Post services

We professionally handle incoming correspondence to your company. Every parcel is scanned and we inform you when it’s coming.

As a part of additional services, we offer sending your correspondence to any address in the world- by post or by courier services.

Accounting services

We offer full accounting services. We help our clients keeping bills, handling formalities and advising on accounting matters. Our specialists are certificated accountants.

The monthly subscription starts from 100 euros and includes:

  • 2 hours of accountant’s work, usually enough to service up to 30 invoices
Estonia company incorporation

We help people to register the company in Estonia. Our services are comprehensive and include business consulting, legal advice and assistance in formal matters. We offer our clients full support at every stage.