Why Estonia?

The digital republic

There are many reasons.
At the beginning, a few facts:

  • Estonia is a member of the European Union and NATO
  • The valid currency is EURO
  • Estonians are the best English speakers in Europe
  • Estonia is a friendly place to lead business
  • In the ranking of economic freedom Estonia is on the first position in European Union
  • Estonia is a homeland of start-ups

But the most important for business are:

  • tax advantages: 0% income tax on retained or reinvested profits
  • electronic administration: Estonia ist he most digitized country in the world

What does it mean for business?

  • Companies can be managed online
  • Tax declarations are electronically analyzed
  • The goverment in Estonia helps entrepreneurs
  • Income tax is obligatory only when the profits are paid for shareholders(in dividend)
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OECD Tax Competitiveness Index 2016